Punta Uva Costa Rica – A Caribbean Gem

Punta Uva Costa Rica boasts beautiful beaches with a relaxed Caribbean feel. Just imagine turquoise water, white sand, and palm trees. It doesn’t get much better than this Caribbean gem!


Punta Uva is located on the southernmost point of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, just north of the Panama border, in the Limon Province. Head slightly north and you can enjoy the popular town of Puerto Viejo.


Punta Uva Weather

The temperature in Punta Uva tends to be fairly consistent throughout the year. Typically, you can expect a day time temperature of low 90’s and a nighttime temperature that dips into the mid 70’s.


The driest months are February, March, September, and October. Rain does occur during the rest of the year but it typically does not last for the entire day. It is almost always possible to enjoy at least half of the day in the sun before the rain moves in.


The Best Things to Do in Punta Uva

Although Punta Uva is a small beach town, there are still plenty of fun things to do nearby! Here are some of the best activities.


Visit the Punta Uva Beach

Playa Punta Uva, Costa Rica is a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise water. This beach is perfect for families because of the typically calm waters.


Visit the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

The Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is a large area of protected land located in Punta Uva. For a nice hike head to Punta Manzanillo and walk into the protected area. The hike is not overly strenuous but it is a good idea to wear sneakers or hiking shoes. During the rainy season, the trails can be very muddy. 


Go Beach Hopping

Most people head to the Pacific coast to experience white sand beaches in Costa Rica. However, the beaches near Punta Uva also have white sand and are absolutely beautiful. Check out the nearby beaches of Playa Cocles and Playa Chiquita to get a great feel for the Caribbean Costa Rica beaches.


Go Scuba Diving

scuba diving costa rica
Scuba diving Costa Rica – Caribe Fun Tours

It is possible to go diving with experienced guides along the coral reefs in the area. The Punta Uva dive schools will ensure your experience is amazing. If you would like to snorkel, that is always an option as well. 


Try Surfing

surfing in costa rica
Surfing in Costa Rica – Caribe Fun Tours

Have you always wanted to take a surf lesson? The Punta Uva, Costa Rica surf is perfect if you are interested in trying your hand at riding the waves for the first time. More experienced surfers can rent a board for the day instead of taking lessons. If surfing makes you a bit nervous, you could always try stand up paddle boarding instead.


Take a Spanish Lesson

spanish classes costa rica

Spanish is the national language in Costa Rica. Although it is almost always possible to find someone that speaks English in tourist destinations, it is still nice to know a bit of Spanish. If you would like to strengthen your Spanish skills you can take lessons from experienced teachers.


Discover How Chocolate is Made

cacao tour chocolate
Cacao Tours Costa Rica – Caribe Fun Tours

Did you know that cacao beans are grown in Costa Rica? In fact, you can even visit a cacao plantation and learn the process from planting the cacao plant to the actual production of chocolate. You will also get a chance to try tons of delicious chocolate during your plantation tour.


Go Whitewater Rafting


From Punta Uva, it is possible to go rafting on the Pacuare River. You can choose from one or two-day rafting tours which are loaded with fun and adventure for all skill levels. 


Take a day trip to Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is located about thirty minutes north of Punta Uva. This national park is unique because the wildlife-filled jungle runs directly along a beautiful beach. With an experienced guide, you will likely see sloths, multiple types of monkeys, snakes, and more!


For more fun activity options from Punta Uva, check out all of our Caribbean tour options. Contact us here at Caribe Fun Tours and we will be happy to set up any of the above experiences for you. 

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How to Get to Punta Uva


If you are visiting Punta Uva from San Jose it is possible to take a shuttle from the San Jose area or to fly from San Jose to Limon airport and then take a shuttle down to Punta Uva.

The roads between San Jose and Punta Uva are well maintained, but there is often a lot of construction going on. This means that what would be about a four to five-hour drive can sometimes take much longer. In the comfort of a shuttle, you do not need to worry about dealing with driving and can relax. However, if you would like to get to Punta Uva as fast as possible, flying is always a good idea.

To set up your transportation to Punta Uva, get in contact with us here at Caribe Fun Tours. We are happy to help arrange everything for you. 


How to Get Around in Punta Uva

The downtown area of Punta Uva is small. It is easy to walk between the beach and the few restaurants and hotels. It is also very popular to rent bikes in this area. The roads are flat and well paved. 

All day tours that you set up through Caribe Fun Tours will include transportation to and from your hotel.


Punta Uva Travel Tips

– Pack fast drying items. Even though it is sunny and hot in Punta Uva, due to the humidity, things can take a long time to dry. When possible, pack quick-drying clothes and use a microfiber towel for the beach.


– Take advantage of how close Punta Uva is to Panama.  Bocas del Toro Panama is a tropical island paradise. If you are interested, let us know and we can arrange the border crossing and transfer directly to the Bocas del Toro islands from Costa Rica’s Caribbean side. 


– Are you debating between staying in Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo? We suggest Puerto Viejo if you would like a busier area with many excellent restaurants, great nightlife, and nice souvenir shops. If you would like a much more relaxed environment with fewer restaurants and small hotels, Punta Uva is a better option. 


If you have any questions about visiting Punta Uva, just contact us here at Caribe Fun Tours. We are happy to assist you in arranging the perfect trip to Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast. 

We can set up transportation, accommodations, and the best activities for the perfect Costa Rica travel. 

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