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Costa Rica Zip line tours

One of the most popular outdoor activities in Costa Rica for tourists is ziplining, and for good reason! People of almost all ages will love a Costa Rica zipline adventure above lush jungles and picturesque beaches.


This activity consists of zipping from one tree platform to another while harnessed into a pulley system on a steel cable. Usually, these platforms are several feet high, above the tree tops. It may sound a bit scary, but most people find it exhilarating once they try it. 

In Costa Rica, ziplining can be done throughout the country. This is great because Costa Rica is home to many microclimates. That means, wherever you zipline you will get a completely different visual experience. 

Not only that but because ziplining is such a popular activity it is possible to choose an experience that meets your level of adventure. 

Some courses consist of only a few platforms and some have over 15 different platforms to zip from. Some courses are made for people who want a thrill-seeking experience and some are designed for people who would like a tamer experience. 

It is completely up to you how thrilling you would like your experience to be. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do something such as go off the highest zipline in Costa Rica if you don’t feel comfortable with that!


Should You Zipline in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Zip line tropical
Costa Rica Zip line


You should zipline in Costa Rica if you have the chance. There are so many Costa Rican ziplining companies that you should have no problem finding a great tour in the area you are planning to visit. 

Many companies offer combo tours as well. You can combine ziplining with a few other exciting adventures such as horseback riding or ATV riding and make a full day of fun.


Is Ziplining Safe in Costa Rica?

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Zipline in Costa Rica


Ziplining in Costa Rica is very safe. All guides undergo a rigorous training before being allowed to work. The platforms and cables are inspected daily for any damage and to make sure that there isn’t any tree growth blocking the path of the cables. 


Upon arriving at the adventure park you will put on a harness and a safety helmet. An experienced guide will help you to put on this equipment to ensure that everything is on correctly.


When you zipline, one guide will stand with you on the platform and will hook you up to the cable. They always double-check to make sure everything is hooked up correctly before sending you off. 


Another guide will wait for you at the other end of the cable. They will help you to slow down if you are coming into the platform too quickly. The guide will also unhook you from the cable and make sure that you get off the platform safely. 


The Best Places to Zip Line in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Zip line
Zipline in Costa Rica


Although you can find ziplining almost anywhere in Costa Rica, there are a few locations that stand out as providing unmatched zipline adventures.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna is home to the impressive Arenal Volcano and the La Fortuna waterfall. This area is often considered the best place to zipline in Costa Rica because of the unparalleled views and multiple adventure park options. You can even zip over a tropical forest canopy while enjoying views of the Arenal Volcano. 


End your day with a trip to one of La Fortuna’s many hot springs for the perfect relaxation after your fun-filled adventure.  


Monteverde is home to one of the world’s few cloud forests. Ziplining in the cloud forest, over dense fog and lush tropical plants is a unique and awe-inspiring experience.


In Monteverde, you can go on the longest zipline in Costa Rica which extends almost a mile long.

Manuel Antonio / Jaco

Manuel Antonio and Jaco provide a more tropical beach experience. It is beautiful to see the ocean in the distance while flying through the air on a steel cable. Most people head to Manuel Antonio to visit the national park, but why not try ziplining while in the area? 


San Jose

San Jose is home to Costa Rica’s largest international airport. If you are spending your first or last nights near the airport you can combine this with a fun ziplining day tour that will take you out of the city and into the beautiful Central Valley area.


Santa Teresa/Montezuma

Santa Teresa and Montezuma are the perfect spots to visit if you just want to get away from it all. The beaches are long, the surfing is good, and the people are relaxed; what more could you want? 


Ziplining here will give you dense forest views with possible glimpses of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.


The Tamarindo area is great because of its proximity to the second international airport in Costa Rica (Liberia). Plus, you will never get bored in this area! 


Ziplining near Tamarindo is unique because the forest is not as dense as in some other areas of the country. If you are lucky you will even be able to get some views of the ocean in the distance. 


Would you like to book your ziplining tour in any of the locations listed above? 

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Combo tours are also available. 

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Zipline Tour

There is some ziplining lingo you should know before setting up your day tour. This will ensure that you sign up for a tour that meets your level of adventure. 


Superman Swing

A Superman swing is a normal zipline with a cable but it is done while in a special harness so you can lie down and look out over the land below. It may seem terrifying at first, but doing a superman swing in Costa Rica is amazing! 


Tarzan Swing

A Tarzan swing is where you stand on a platform and you are attached to the end of a cable. The other end of the cable is attached to a fixed point above you. You then jump up off the platform and swing! 

It is basically a giant rope swing (but you are actually harnessed in and safe, unlike a real rope swing). The initial drop may take your breath away, but then it is very exhilarating!


Rappelling is when you are attached to a cable and go down the side of a cliff face. In Costa Rica, it is possible to rappel down high waterfalls. This is a great activity for all you adventure lovers.

Hanging Bridges

hanging bridges
Hanging bridges in Costa Rica – Caribe Fun Tours

Hanging bridges consist of suspension bridges that you can walk over. These bridges are often combined with nice nature trails. The bridges vary in length and height, but they can guarantee a great view over treetops. Many Zipline companies in Costa Rica offer combo tours which include hanging bridge walks.

Canopy Tour

A canopy tour is just another name for a ziplining tour in Costa Rica. After all, you are getting an overhead view of the canopy below.

Costa Rica Zipline Tips

What to Wear

It is best to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for your ziplining experience. Keep in mind that you will have a harness on, so dress accordingly. You will also have to wear a helmet on your head that is provided by the ziplining company. 


Closed-toed shoes are also often required. Something with a good grip on the sole is best. This will help you when landing at each end platform.

What to Bring

Almost all adventure parks have lockers for guests to use. These sometimes cost a small fee. You can store any backpacks or larger items in the lockers. 


We suggest bringing a bottle of water and a small snack for after your adventure. Most companies also have a small restaurant if you would prefer to buy a snack or drink.


You can bring your camera or phone, but keep in mind that it may be difficult to keep it secure while ziplining.

Who can Zipline?

Most companies allow children over the age of eight to zipline while attached to a guide. That means it is an adventure that most families can all do together.


It is helpful to be in decent physical shape. You will have to climb up to the first platform. This is usually done up a somewhat steep set of stairs. 


You may also have to do a bit of walking between some of the platforms. This is usually not overall strenuous, but keep in mind that you will have a harness on which adds a bit of weight.


Most ziplining companies will not allow people over 275 pounds to participate in this activity for safety purposes.

Set Up Your Costa Rica Zip line Tour

Are you ready to experience the best ziplining in Costa Rica? 

We suggest arranging this before your trip, especially during the dry season. Things book out fast! 

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Or give us a call at: (305) 846-8417 (US & Canada) or +506 2756-8118 (Costa Rica) and we will set up your fun-filled adventure! 

Combo tours are also available. 

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