Pacuare River in Costa Rica – A White Water Rafting Paradise

The Pacuare River in Costa Rica is known as one of the best rivers in the world for white water rafting. Rafters of all levels will enjoy the thrilling rapids along the Pacuare River. 


Not only is this a great place to experience a thrill-seeking rafting trip, but the river is also stunning. In several spots, the river is flanked on either side by steep rock faces that are covered in lush tropical rainforest plants. In fact, it was even named by National Geographic as one of the top 10 most scenic rivers in the world.


Wildlife is also abundant here. Toucans, monkeys, sloths, and blue morpho butterflies are just some of the animals that are frequently spotted on tours.

About the Pacuare River

The Pacuare River runs approximately 67 miles before emptying into the Caribbean sea in Costa Rica. The river is divided into sixteen sections, but the most common rafting sections are known as the Upper Upper Section, The Upper Section, and the Lower Section.


Rafting tours can be done as a one day tour, two-day tour, or a transfer tour. 

Pacuare Rafting

Pacuare River Rafting One Day Tour

A one day trip whitewater rafting along the Pacuare River is the perfect way to experience a nice taste of the thrill that rafting can offer in a short amount of time.


On this fun-filled adventure, you will raft a total of 18 miles with 52 rapids. This tour is done with an experienced guide who will always put your safety first.


Don’t worry about driving to the Pacuare River in Costa Rica. This tour includes transportation from San Jose, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo. 

Upon arriving at the river, a full safety briefing will be given by the tour guide. You will then be equipped with all the gear you will need for your adventure. This includes a life jacket, helmet, and paddle. 

The first four miles of your trip will be on class II-III rapids. This is a great spot to get a feel for rafting and get some rafting guidance from one of the experienced guides.  

About 40 minutes into the rafting trip you will enter the Pacuare River Gorge. This five-mile area is considered to be some of the best white water rafting in Costa Rica. While here, you will also get a chance to see the stunning Huacas waterfall.

Next, the tour will enter a five-mile stretch in which the river is much wider. The water calms down here and it is the perfect spot to do some wildlife spotting. 

The Pacuare River rafting trip will finish in the town of Siquirres at the private operations center. Here it is possible to use the facilities to shower and change. You can also have a drink in the gardens before beginning the trip back to your hotel.


If you are interested in arranging a Pacuare River rafting 1 day trip, please contact us or you can book the tour yourself here.

Pacuare Rafting

Pacuare River Rafting Two Day Tour

A two day Pacuare whitewater rafting tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the excitement of rafting while also enjoying a hike to pristine waterfalls and swimming holes.  This tour consists of Pacuare River rafting on class III and iv rapids. 


The first day of this fun-filled trip consists of rafting down 8 miles of class III rapids. You will arrive at the Pacuare Lodge around lunchtime. 

In the afternoon, it is possible to join one of the various hikes, try your hand at fishing on the river, or just spend some time relaxing in the lush jungle.

The Pacuare River Lodge is located next to the river and has spacious walk-in tents on wooden platforms. The facility is well maintained with modern bathrooms and a nice main building for guests to gather in. This main building also has a well-stocked kitchen which provides an enjoyable dining experience. 

You will continue your rafting journey the next day after a nice breakfast with freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee.

Day two of the tour consists of all class IV rapids. A total of 14 miles are paddled on this day. Along the way, two stops are made, one for a hike and one for a delish lunch served along the river. 

Your tour will finish in Siquirres at the private center. Here you can shower and relax a bit before the trip back to your hotel. 


Note: Different companies run the same stretch of river for one, two and three-day trips. To give you better value, we put our rafts into the river 4 miles higher upstream than other companies. This means you get 4 extra miles of rafting by arranging your tour through us. 


If you are interested in arranging a 2 day Pacuare River trip, please contact us or you can book the tour yourself here.

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Pacuare River Transfer Rafting Trip

A transfer tour means that you will be picked up at your hotel in one location with all of your luggage, spend the day rafting, and will finish with transportation to your next location. This is a great option for getting from one location in Costa Rica to another and enjoying a thrilling experience along the way. This can be done between San Jose, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo. 


This tour follows the same schedule as the one day tour mentioned above. The only difference is that you will be picked up and dropped off in the different location of your choice. 


If you are interested in arranging a Pacuare River Transfer, please contact us or you can book the tour yourself here.

Tips for Rafting on Pacuare River

-Keep in mind that your clothes will get very wet on this trip. Please don’t wear anything that will get ruined by water. 


-Don’t forget to bring and wear waterproof sunscreen on the tour. You may be shaded by the high cliff river walls at some points, but the sun is still extremely strong here.


-If you have never gone white water rafting before, do not worry! All guides are very experienced and will assist all customers to ensure they are comfortable. 


For more info on planning a trip to Costa Rica’s famed Pacuare River, contact us here at Caribe Fun Tours. We are happy to set up the best Pacuare River tour based on your Costa Rica vacation needs.


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