Trimaran Sailing Snorkeling Tour 1 - Trimaran Sailing & Snorkeling Tour

from $85 per person

Includes transport, guide, meal & gear.

The captain directs the vessel for the surrounding coast, providing clients with information about the route or aquatic life and answering any questions. Also during the whole journey, guides will offer natural drinks, soda, water and beer.

During the tour visitors have the opportunity to see dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles and migrating whales. From the boat major islands in the area may be viewed including Olocuita and Isla Verde, which was used many years ago by the native Quepoa Indians as a cemetery.

After enjoying the different islands we continue sailing to the coast of a beautiful beach called Bizans, where the passengers will be able to snorkel. On average you may encounter 45 different species of fish – a majestic image of aquatic nature. Upon completion of this activity our guests enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, according to the time schedule of the tour.

After enjoying the beauty of sea, sun, sand, and the fresh ocean air, visitors return to the dock where we hope each one will disembark with great memories of this experience in paradise… an experience to be treasured forever.