5 beaches

Explore the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Explore the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Manzanillo – Punta Uva – Playa Chiquita – Cocles  – Playa Negra

Cahuita National Park

Explore the Flora & Fauna of the Cahuita National Park and then head to the enchanting Lost Waterfall!

Caribbean Hidden Treasures

Discover the hidden treasures that the Caribbean has to offer as you enter the mountains of the Bribri indigenous area.

Gandoca Manzanillo Adventure Hike

Experience the uncharted beauties, cliffs and sightseeing of the Gandoca-Manzanillo refuge.

Limon Marketplace

Get to know the Capital city in the Caribbean, where you will find the Famous marketplace along with many sights to see.

Valle de la Estrella Trail

Take a look at the beginnings of the Caribbeans agricultural economy by cruising through the Banana Plantations, and then enjoy the stunning views of The Hitoy Cerere Natural reserve.